Developing a Great Lakes-wide database of coregonine stocking

Contributing Authors

James McKenna, Jr. (USGS,, Cory Brant (USGS), Wendylee Stott (DFO), Travis Taylor (USGS), Elise Grabda (USGS), Gary Whalen (MIDNR), Lisa Holst (NYSDEC), Amanda Ackiss (USGS), Fred Henson (NYSDEC)

Executive Summary

A database of information associated with the release of hatchery-raised Coregonine fishes of Great Lakes origin was constructed and populated with all available records (>4,700) of stocking events. The information includes species, quantities, life stages, source facilities, and dates and locations of releases, plus additional ancillary notes. Numerous example reports illustrate uses of the database. A user-friendly graphical interface was developed, but in not yet available for general access through the Internet. A USGS Data Release on Science Base for the database is being explored.


Completed data mining, resulting in 4,734 stocking records
Data records quality control and assurance checked and metadata developed
Microsoft Access (v16) database designed and populated with complied data