SUNY Cortland joins effort to restore native Lake Ontario fish

SUNY Cortland and SUNY Oswego faculty and students are collaborating with the federal Tunison Lake Ontario Biological Station in Cortland and many other agencies and organizations to save a critical piece of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

This research project is made possible by a $634,546 United States Geological Services (USGS) grant, which is eligible to be extended through five years, for a potential total of more than $3 million.  

The initiative is part of the USGS’ Coregonine Restoration Framework, a plan endorsed in 2018 by fishery managers representing eight U.S. states, three U.S. intertribal organizations and the Canadian province of Ontario. It seeks to restore and conserve the coregonine subfamily of freshwater fish — including freshwater whitefish — found in the Great Lakes. 

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