Coregonine restoration has benefited from several agencies within the Great Lakes that have allocated 1) their own funding to support the time of personnel working on the planning, implementation, or evaluation components or 2) improved infrastructure to facilitate rearing of fishes or improved sampling in the lakes. Two agencies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Great Lake Fishery Commission (GLFC) have also provided dedicated funding to these efforts.

Supported by

EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)

Since 2017, the GLRI has supported Coregonine Restoration through its Focus Area 4 (Habitat and Species). Each year, a steering committee comprised of members of U.S. federal agencies identify projects that support the planning, implementation, or evaluation of coregonine restoration across the basin. More than $6.8 million USD have been invested through 2023.

GLFC Fishery Research program

GLFC has an annual request for proposals targeting native fish restoration, partially supported through GLRI.  Several coregonine projects have been funded in recent years.